How to Install

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How to install


1. Download the latest version

Go to our webpage, and go to a page, download.
You can download the latest version of the software.

Make sure to keep the software on the top of USB, not in a folder.
Make sure to keep the name of the software as patch.
If the name is wrong, you change it.
The software is .bin.


2. Install the software you downloaded.
Make sure the tuner is unpluged.

With the AC off, insert the USB to the USB port of the backside of the tuner.
Make sure if USB is not lighted.
If USB has light or the tuner shows any information on the front, unplug
the AC cable again. Then Plug AC, turn on the tuner and connect the LAN cable.

It is success if the front panes says LOAD.
After a while TV monitor has some image.


3. Confirm where is the USB

2.Boot without update
Choose 1. USB


4.It stars reading the software.

After a while the image on TV monitor will be changed.


5.Push OK.

When it says it is ready to install, puch OK. Then it starts.


6.Take off the USB

In the middle of monitor, yellow bar shows the progress %.
When you see this image, take of the USB from tuner before it becomes 100%.
Even after you take off the USB, the installation keeps going on.

After the installation is completed, the image on the monitor will be changed.


7. Wait for the Auto-RE-Start.

After the installation, the tuner stars re-start automatically. It chows count down to re-start.


8. Re-start

After the monitor shows REBOOTING, it re-starts. After re-starts, the monitor will show new image.
That is the end of the installation.

※Please refer to Support forum if you have some questions.

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