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A variety of cables

We expanded a range of cables. You may refer to our products page.


Satella2 PVR

Satella has started a series. Now Satella 2 is available with PVR function.


Caution: check the software is authoried

Please pay more attention to where you got the software in your hand. If the unauthorized software caused any troubles, we cannot compensate them. Authorized software is available only on our webpage.


Antenna Installation Manual

If you want to try to install antenna by yourself, you can refer to our manual for antenna installation.


The latest software is available

Please check your serial code. If it starts from 460…, please update with the latest software available at download page. If you have any questions, go to forum to check more.


Antenna Installation

Brand-new Technical Team, Antenna Installation Department, has started this month. Let us know what is the diffibulty in your case. We will provide the suitable solution.


Antenna are available now!

A variety of antennas are ready to go to your home. Please refer to Products page.


New! Satella 1

We are glad to announce here that we have launched a new product, Satella 1. Please check the details at product page.

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